Frequently Asked Questions

What is laugh flow?

Laugh flow is a collective of people who create classes, workshops, and retreats to support, guide, and encourage those who are on their inner journey.

What is laugh therapy?

Laugh therapy is a collection of pranayama breathing exercise techniques designed to expel laughter; laugh flow adds the element of comedy to the practice.


What are Laugh Flow retreats?

Retreats are designed by instructors based on their joint expertise, location, and calendars. All retreats include elements to enrich both the body and soul.


What are Laugh Flow classes?

Instructional classes are mainly conducted on youtube with a light laugh flare.


What can I get through one on one training?

Please see our list of offerings here.


Are there classes for kids? 

Classes are aimed at an adult audience but one on one classes for kids can be given upon request.


Who are the instructors?

Currently, most of our instructors are people who work in the comedy industry and have passion and knowledge for self-improvement.


Are instructors certified?

Yes. Instructors must be credentialed and experienced in what they teach. 


Can I become an instructor?

Anyone can apply to become an instructor. To find out about the qualifications and steps for joining our collective please send us an email.


Where are you located?

Laugh Flow is a collective of instructors based around the globe.


How much is Laugh Flow?

Classes, retreats, and workshops vary based on length, content, and location. Pricing can be found on the specific page for that option.

I purchased something from the shop. How long is shipping for my purchases?

 Two weeks maximum.