Meet Your Instructors

Christy Inhulsen is a comedian and lecturer based in Bangkok, Thailand. She earned her Masters in Peace and Conflict transformation in 2013 and went on to design leadership programs for those looking to grow their efforts in social justice work. As a teacher, learner, and observer she knows that people best come to their own understanding when given the right tools and guidance. Thus, her workshops are designed with this in mind: thoughtfully choosing tools to share and scaffold so as to allow others to develop their own insights for growth. Her core values are compassion, love, creativity, diversity, and humor. At the heart of all her work is the calling to create a world full of people who exude empathy and understanding, while enjoying a life full of laughter.

Trish Smart is a stand up comic who takes her spiritual journey very seriously. She has completed her 200 yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, studied natural healing with a shaolin monk in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has a certification in laughter breathing. Trish’s philosophy is to go deeper but to find the humor along the way; a light hearted approach for all life’s experiences. She has had her fair share of painful experiences and knows to transcend takes work, but having fun along the way is important too. Trish is compassionate in understanding everyone has a different path and way of walking it; she has the ability to communicate on many levels and push people further than they knew they could go. To be taught yoga by Trish is to find new parts of yourself, and learn to laugh at them.

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